• State-of-the-art IT Industry,BH, the global company, will take the lead.


  • DKT, the global company specializing in the best researchers, technology, and FPCA comprehensive modules

    DKT 소개

  • Small, Fast, Smart!TechL will lead the semiconductor packaging markets.

    TechL 소개

  • The company specializing in electronic components,BH EVS will lead the global markets.

    BH EVS 소개

  • BHST, the manufacturing of automation facilities and equipment that makes imagination a reality based on talent and technology.

    BH ST 소개

  • Localization of semiconductor industrial ceramic products, BH Semicon leads.

    BH Semicon 소개

  • BH Beha Philharmonic BH supports a variety of cultural activities to spread cultural and artistic values to our society.

    베하필하모닉 소개

  • BH Social Contribution BH is staying with us for the harmonious and expected tomorrow of our society.

    비에이치 사회공헌 소개