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About Duties

About Duties by Department
  • Production
  • Development (Integration)
  • Marketing Team
  • Purchasing Team
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Management Planning Team
  • Management Support Team


1) Production Management

We analyze CAPA (production capacity), establish and manage production plans based on order plans, maintain proper inventory, and support production to be implemented without disruption.

2) Manufacturing

We optimally arrange production personnel, facilities, fixturing, processes, etc. so that production can be implemented smoothly, and plan, prepare, operate and manage production in a standardized manner.

Development (Integration)

Development of DS(Display Solution)
The task of developing products with the performance demanded by customers based on technical skills and standardization of display and battery parts, which are key components of smartphones
ES (Energy Solution) development
1) Development of PCM (Protection Circuit Module)

Working on designing hardware (PCB, F-PCB, circuit, etc.) to develop mobile phones, wearables, vacuum cleaners, and battery protection circuits.

Expediment, performs circuit design and artwork work using Altium.

2) Development of BMS (Battery Management System)

Electric scooters and kickboards, drones as a job to develop protective circuit and management System for ESS medium capacity Battery products, Hardware (PCB, Circuit light), Organization (2D, Designing 3D drawings), firmware (Micom), UI(JAVA, C#, (etc) implemented development work.

Marketing Team

Cost analysis and establishment of short-term mid- to long-term business plans
1) Marketing

Implementing new BIZ research and establish strategies.

2) Sales

Establishing our product order strategy and analyzing our sales performance.

Purchasing Team

The task is to select the right partner and purchase the necessary quality materials from the source and deliver them to the designated place

Quality Assurance Team

We work to improve customers’ satisfaction via quality/environment system construction and process standardization to secure the design, origin, process, and shipment quality of development/mass-production products.

Management Planning Team

We systematically support management's decision-making to efficiently allocate optimal resources by setting management goals and establishing strategies to achieve them effectively.

Management Support Team

1) Financial Management

It is responsible for the financing and operation of the company and provides information necessary for management decision-making including settlement of accounts and financial statements.

2) Personnel and General Affairs

It manages human resources including hiring excellent human resources and conducting education for human resources development, and performs welfare and tangible and intangible asset management of executives and employees.