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DKT specializes in transmission of low-los and high-frequency,

and develops and supplies products optimized for establishing 5G and MIMO environments.

Flexible RF Cable

FRC(Flexible Radio Frequency Cable)
  • PCM is a circuit device that protects abnormal behavior including heat generation, ignition and explosion of battery pack by measuring and blocking voltage and current when charging and discharging Li-Ion Batteries.
  • 5G : data transmission (multi-transmitable) using FPCB with low dielectric materials
Expansion of FRC demand based on global commercialization of 5G specialized network project
  • ICT Core Infrastructure 5G grows in the B2B markets
  • Starting/expanding in Germany, USA, UK, Japan, etc
  • 5G essential contents creation including metaverse, autonomous driving, etc.
Establishment / operation method of 5G specialized network
  • 1) Establishment/Operation of 5G specialized network directly by designating/allocation of 5G frequency
  • 2) Establishment/Operation of 5G specialized network by carrier after designating/allocation of 5G frequency